1Tippy's Chopekcheke - Terms

The purposes of these terms are to protect not only our community marketplace, but also the environment and other guests. We are firm believers in customer appreciation, conflict resolution, and fair practice. These terms protect our operation from natural hazards and one-in-a-million flukes of computer or operator error that may result in security breaches or accidents, none of which have occured in our history. The nature of these terms should offer a reminder that as we are located in the Everglades, wildlife and risks associated may be present. Island destinations require watercraft travel and is inherently unpredictable. It's your standard waiver of liability. As if you were boarding a commercial cruise line.


"Tippy's" or "Tippy's Outpost" refers to all on-site facilities including but not limited to: shopping, dining, and sightseeing areas, as well as operations or "Services" including but not limited to: Eco-Tours by Airboat and Big Cypress Grill. With respect to longstanding cultural concepts of family-based management, "Founders" or "Owners" refer to members of the founding Cypress family. "Tour" or "Eco-Tour" refers to a cultural information service provided by Eco-Tours by Airboat. "Guest" or "Passenger" shall refer to any individual attending a tour, where "Group" or "Party" refers to all individuals attending a tour. "Vessel" or "Airboat" refers to the watercraft aboard which all or part of your tour will be conducted. "Balance" refers to the current discrepency between the total cost of your tour and the total amount paid "as is" from our payment processor, factoring in refunds, chargebacks, and failed payments. A "Booking" or "Confirmed Tour" refers to a tour with a Balance that is paid in full. A "Reservation" or "Reserved Tour" refers to a tour that has been reserved with a deposit (payment) of no less than the amount of our minimum deposit at the time of payment. "Itinerary" refers to your choices of tour preferences and customization options, including, when applicable: locations visited, topics narrated, and dining options as provided by Eco-Tours by Airboat. An "Order", "Meal", or "Meal Request" refers to your request for food product(s) prepared by Big Cypress Grill.


By entering our facilities or using any of our Services, including this website, you expressly waive any and all legal responsibility from Tippy's Outpost, its Founders, governing body, and members and officers of its governing body in any matter that exists or may come to exist in the future. In addition, you further agree to be in compliance with ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISKS, and LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY, and JURISDICTION as described below, which may preclude grounds of claims or litigation against the aforemention parties by you, your Party, or any representatives of you or your Party.


Our tour routes are within federally protected wildlife preserves and refuges, littering and harrassment of wildlife (throwing things, poking, or harming) is against the law and if done willfully and maliciously will result in automatic termination of your tour as well as invalidation of our refund policy.


When paying for a tour, you assert that all Guests are healthy enough for watercraft and outdoor activities including prolonged exposure to wind, sunlight, and propeller noise. Tours are not confirmed until itineraries are paid in full. Tours that remain unconfirmed by the time of departure are subject to cancellation. If your meal request contains items not included with your specific tour, the cost for these items will be added to the total cost of your tour. Your order will not be submitted for preparation until your balance is paid in full and your tour confirmed.


It is the sole responsibility of the Passenger to arrive at our facility on time. If your tour has not been confirmed, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your time of departure for on-site payment. Passengers are to follow rational instructions of the Captain at all times.


The billing party may contact us as late as 1 hour before departure to recieve a full refund. If your tour begins and cannot be completed for reasons other than violation of rules, you are entitled to a full or partial refund. Refunds will be given in full if equipment or operator error occurs. Partial refunds will be given if your tour exceeds 50% completion and is shortened by natural hazards ie. rain, lightning. Any tour of which the 1 hour pre-departure deadline for refunds has expired is eligible for TOUR CREDIT for the same length and amount of passengers at any time in the future.


The nature of watercraft usage in the Everglades presents inherent risks including but not limited to: wave action, presence of wildlife, collisions, capsizing, sinking, exposure to the elements, and prolonged, unpredictable, or extreme amounts of wind, inclement weather, or temperature.


At this time the state of our marketplace has not yet afforded us the opportunity to provide coverage, compensation, or reimbursement beyond the original cost of your purchase, meal, or tour.


Our vessels are registered with and depart under the authority of the local governing body of our tribe. All terms are derived from this governing body and when applicable and not in conflict, Florida state law. By accessing our facilities or using our Services, you agree that any legal action arising from your use of our site and/or services is to be litigated in tribal courts operating under local jurisdiction.


Please be aware of certain clan-based traditions which forbid the following imagery: owls, grave markers, and skeletal remains including but not limited to skulls or bones assembled in anatomical fasion (a skeleton). Proper dress in compliance with this tradition is not mandatory, however we appreciate your best efforts to do so.


Your privacy is important to us. Any information we collect is non-personally identifiable, with the exception of contact details for reservations. Any personally identifiable information we collect is destroyed periodically and will never be willingly shared with anyone. Non-personally identifiable information collected, including customer feedback, will only be used for improvement of our customer's tour experience and may be shared with other tribal tour operators for the same purpose.